Self Care Bingo

Self Care Bingo is designed to help you look after yourself in a fun and engaging way. The Bingo cards are filled with various tasks and exercises designed to help improve your overall mental and physical well-being. Each Bingo card has a pre-determined series of dots on them (Cross, X, L, etc.) the goal being to complete all of the tasks that make up the marked Bingo dots. If you’re feeling like some of the tasks are too hard or just aren’t feeling right for you, then try some of the other tasks on the card, or if you’ve completed all of the marked tasks on the card why not go for a blackout and try and complete all of the exercises on the card.

Ideally the goal of Self Care Bingo is to feel better after playing it than you did before you started, even if that means only completing one or two tasks on the card every day, every little bit helps.

So get started and have some fun, and most of all take care of yourself.

Come back often for more self care exercises.